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Rural Heritage

RURAL HERITAGE is an ERASMUS + project of cooperation for innovation developed by a European strategic partnership of six organizations from five different countries, led by the European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation, AECT León-Bragança.


The project proposes a training plan to support European policies that seek to make European cultural heritage a factor for economic and social development. Rural heritage offers great potential to revitalize rural areas, where cultural tourism has enormous potential for growth and job creation, since there is an enormous tradition and popular knowledge underexplored which must be valued as a fundamental part of European heritage.


There is a need to support vocational training teachers, through competence units and innovative methodologies, which complement the existing training offer to facilitate skills for communication and interpretation of rural tangible and intangible heritage.


Furthermore, the project seeks to improve access to training and qualifications for all, especially in rural areas, through specific materials and actions for these target groups, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of rural heritage and promote intercultural and intergenerational exchange in Europe.

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The coordinator

AECT LEÓN-BRAGANÇA is a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation based in Spain, made up León Provincial Council and the Municipal Chamber of Bragança, whose objective is to facilitate transnational and interregional cooperation between these two regions of Spain and Portugal. Precisely the cultural heritage is one of the links between both territories and, therefore, an important value to promote common activities. Furthermore, given that its aims are oriented towards social and economic development in rural areas, this entity has great potential to involve agents from the different sectors interested in the project (local entities, rural development entities, tourism and employment entity’s, etc.).

AECT León-Bragança