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Other Actions

Other Actions

The project includes the organization of different events for the results’ dissemination and training activities:


E1 and E2: Multiplier events for the vocational training sector (to be held in Slovenia and Italy)

These one-day activities are designed for the dissemination of intellectual products, especially the Methodological Guide and the Structured Training Course (IO1 and IO2). It will be technical-academic seminars and will also be useful to evaluate the results by teachers, trainers and experts.


It will involve the following target groups:

E3 and E4: Multi-agent conference (Spain and Portugal)

One-day multiplier events to present all the intellectual products resulting from the project, open to all target groups.

Different groups of participants will be called:

C1: Training course for the staff of the consortium entities (Spain)

A three-day training course is planned with the objective of providing training to the entities personnel that make up the project partnership, all of them with personnel directly interested in the contents, techniques and methods developed by the project, which will be relevant and useful for their work within the entities.


CP: Pilot course

During the project, the online course included in the platform, which will be complemented with a face-to-face practical training, will be used as a pilot course, that is, to carry out an evaluation and test of the course contents and the operation of all the resources of the platform, with participants from different countries.