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Strategic partnership

The coordinator

AECT LEÓN-BRAGANÇA is a European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation based in Spain, made up León Provincial Council and the Municipal Chamber of Bragança, whose objective is to facilitate transnational and interregional cooperation between these two regions of Spain and Portugal. Precisely the cultural heritage is one of the links between both territories and, therefore, an important value to promote common activities. Furthermore, given that its aims are oriented towards social and economic development in rural areas, this entity has great potential to involve agents from the different sectors interested in the project (local entities, rural development entities, tourism and employment entity’s, etc.).

AECT León-Bragança

The partners


CPI, Center Of The Slovenian Republic For Vocational Training (Slovenia) as a central VET institution brings essential value to the Project in areas such as the development of qualifications in line with the EQF, European qualifications framework, preparation of occupational standards, recognition and validation of learning, structured modules and VET curricula, monitoring and evaluation, implementation of new curricula and development of the credit system.


CORANE, Associação de Desenvolvimento dos Concelhos da Raia Nordestina (Portugal) is a non-profit organization with a wide spectrum of skills and experience in the field of local and rural development, created in 1995, with the target area of Terra Fria Transmontana, constituted by the municipalities of Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Vimioso and Vinhais, in the north of Portugal. Its main objective is social, economic and cultural development through the valorisation, promotion and capitalization of local potentialities through the execution of development projects and the valorisation of its endogenous resources, always maintaining a social and economic perspective.


FOR.ES Formazione e Sviluppo (Italy), is an official vocational training centre, provider of youth training, training in key competences and courses aimed at those who want to improve their professional skills to facilitate the return to the labour market, among other areas. It has an extensive experience in different programs and in new professional qualifications and validation of knowledge, skills and competences, having also participated in the transfer of results of new professional qualifications in rural areas.


SERVIMA SL (Spain) is a consulting company and as its name suggests it includes environmental services and educational resources. This small company is specialized in services related to environment, cultural heritage and sustainability. It has a Programs Department with extensive experience in the creation of educational and informative materials and in heritage training and interpretation activities. His practical contribution to the project in pedagogical aspects and in the use of interpretation techniques as well as in the development of ERASMUS + projects is interesting.


UNIVERSIDAD Eötvös Loránd (Hungary) is a university in whose Faculty of Humanities different studies of Cultural Heritage are taught (with a specialization in History and Practice of Cultural Heritage and an autonomous master's degree in Cultural Heritage). It has eminent experience in international cooperation in various ERASMUS programs, as well as extensive experience in interdisciplinary research. Its participation in the project, through the Department of Interdisciplinary History, is very interesting for contributing its vision as a higher education centre, its specialization in European Cultural Heritage and its experience in organizing international symposia and seminars.