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II Nemzetközi Találkozó



October 14, 2021


1) Reading and signing the last Meeting Minute
2) Review of the general status of the project:
Objectives and results
Project Schedule
3) Stakeholders’ network. Contacts, accessions and collaborations achieved by each partner
11:30 – 12:00 Coffee break
4) Intellectual output IO1 (Methodological guide of Rural heritage Interpreter):
Advances in contents development and design of the Methodological guide.
13:30 Lunch


5) Intellectual product IO2 (Structured training course): Advances in contents development and design of the structured training course.
6) Evaluation of technical and financial reports.
Budget and financial rules.
Partner’s budget
Economic justification
7) Intermediate report. Mobility Tool+
18:00 End of the first day


October 15, 2021


8) Dissemination plan: seminars, Website, informative brochure, Facebook and others
9) Organization of Multiplier Event E1
10) Other outputs, multiplier events and training activities.
11.30 Coffee break
11) Permanent Evaluation Plan of the project.
12) Declarations of attendance.
13:00 Meeting end

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