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IV Nemzetközi Találkozó


September 8



  1. Reading and signing the last Meeting Minute
  2. Review of general status of the project
  3. Dissemination plan
  4. Collaborations achieved by each partner


11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break


  1. Intellectual outputs:

IO1 Methodological Guide. 

IO2 Structured training course

IO3 Rural Heritage Platform

Presentation of the last versions for final internal evaluation & Results of the external evaluations for now. Translate and format final document. Deadlines

13:30 Lunch break



  1.  Multiplier Events E1 and E2 developed in Slovenia (CPI) and Italy (FORES). Results (programs, attendance, publicity, evaluation, etc.).
  2. Pilot course “Training Course on European rural heritage and its interpretation”. Results (program, participants, evaluation, etc.).
  3. Financial reports. Budget and financial rules. Deadlines
  4. Foreseen activities. Multiplier Events E3 and E4 (Portugal and Spain) and Training activity for the partnership staff (C1)
  5. Permanent Evaluation Plan of the project.
  6. Sustainability Plan for the project.
  7. Declarations of attendance.

19:00 Meeting end

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